Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Off Topic, But I Love This Music Show

This reformed party girl found herself entranced by this recent NPR show All Songs Considered. Imagine me on my knees weeping into my palms "These are my people, this is my music...YES!!?" The loss of such greats as Jeff Buckley and Kurt Cobain are covered. Tragedies like Smashmouth and Candlebox are jumped over and Masters like PJ Harvey, Neutral Milk Hotel and The Smashing Pumpkins are highlighted.  I urge you to listen to these 3 fools take a trip through the 90s. If you ever found yourself jumping in a crowd in all black/flannel or looking for a cassette player to play that mix tape from '94 you will enjoy the humor and diversity found in this ep. of ASC...

All Songs Considered

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Digging The 50's

Etsy seller GSArcheologist offers fab mid century pieces for the home. 

Gorgeous atomic serving set.

 The Midwest art teacher behind GSArcheologist began collecting mid-century finds when she was out looking for interesting pieces for her adult childrens' homes.  As many of us do, she could not resist "saving" these classic and sleek items from a most certain doom. 

 This lovely piece would be wonderful for so many uses. Summertime simple syrup for beverages, cream at breakfast with a bowl of blueberries, or a bouquet of flowers on your bedside table.  I am a stained glass artist and I love Blenko glass. Their colors are subtle & unique and yet seem saturated. The photograph of this piece is wonderful. I crave it!

Speaking of cravings...this tea set caused one, too! I see the cups prepped with precooked noodles, vegetables and shrimp and the pot filled with dashi. When guests settle in just add hot dashi and you have a hearty soup starter on a cold winter evening with friends.