Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet Mandy

World, meet Mandy! Mandy meet the world. She's shy and smart and when it comes to her sense of style she's all over the place. This dame will wear anything we put on her and it usually looks great, too! From the 30s to the late 80's, that's 6 DECADES! of fashions, she has tried them all.

Her measurements are ridiculous, like Barbies, only different. ...

Most items are belted or clipped on her because she is so small. Please be sure to check the measurements of each item you purchase.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Wishing Wardrobe "European Vacation" Front Page Treasury ~ Oh Joy!

A quick post to highlight the European Vacation treasury that made it to the front page this afternoon. There have been 2 twists of fate in the past 24 hours that have blown my mind...the first was accidentally catching the amazing Patty Griffin live in concert with Robert Plant last night. As if Robert Plant were not enough on his own, he has put together a kind of super group, Band of Joy.  When I realized who the awesome dame on stage was I turned to my fella and laid a big thank you k-i-s-s on his cheek! 

The second was taking a break from a marathon dragonfly making session in my studio at the very moment this was featured on the front page of Etsy. A collection of  Vintage Etsy Society members who have vintage gear that is suitable for going on ~ or inspiring dreams of  ~ a Vintage European Vacation. I was able to catch it on the front page and do the dance of joy!

Thanks to all who wrote in with congrats! 

Click on the dragonfly to be transported to Molly Phoenix Glassworks on Etsy. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the Radio

Ahh, iPod, you think you can make me forget about the good 'ol stand in radio? I think not! AM. FM. I don't care. Gimmie songs I have heard way too much, never, or not often enough. Also, gimmie commercials, Paul Harvey (RIP), news and it turns out this post is inspired by a local station giving away concert tickets.

I failed to get them while they were affordable so I am now faced with a weekend of wading through a sea of  classic rock hits waiting for two songs to be played back to back with the Ultimate Rock God Robert Plant on vocals. I have been a Led Zeppelin fan since I was barely a teenager. I have seen Mr. Plant on stage exactly once and I was out of my mind blown away by that charismatic & amazing performance at the tender age of 16.

Sigh, here I am all these years later wishing I had ponied up the $30 for a ticket 3 months ago because they are $160 now 3 days before the show, unless I win them.  I have put together a collection of items to get my "please oh please let me win two tickets to the Robert Plant and the Band of Joy show this Wednesday, pleeeeeeeeease let me be caller 9. Please!" juju. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fisher Price Record Player

Great Fisher Price Record Player from the 1970s...poor video footage f it playing!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Answering the Question: Is that gonna fit me?

Buying Vintage Clothing Online

 It is good to know what your measurements are and how to properly take them.

GOOD VINTAGE FIT TIP: We recommend printing this chart off and noting your measurements in the column on the right. Be sure to have your actual measurements noted AND the measurement you will want with "ease" added to that.

Ease is a little more space in the garment that lets you actually move in it. Ever been stuck in a dress that you got into in the dressing room but was unable to move in once you did? Maybe that's just me, but the point is there wasn't enough ease for me to put my arms up to get out of the dress. Good thing I am great at wiggling... I eventually got out of it, eventually.

On non-knit items here are the guidelines for adding ease:

1.5" to 4" bust ease
1" waist ease
2" hip ease

So, if you have a 36" bust then plan on purchasing items that measure 37.5" or more. If the item is a knit or has stretch to it than you can go smaller if you are looking for a tight fit.

GOOD VINTAGE FIT HINT : If you are purchasing a piece of clothing for a special event,  we recommend that your wear the under garments you will be wearing on the day of the event WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS! IF you do not wear a push up bra and Spanx on a daily basis but you are going to wear those items on your wedding day, have them on when you take measurements. It is impressive how many inches these things can shave off a belly and/ or a booty!

These guidelines are for garments that are fitted. A 40's retro wiggle dress will look better with a tighter fit. Like this one from Wear It Again.  As you can tell, this dress looks AWESOME on the model. The measurements  and description provided are clear so you know what to expect when it shows up at your door!

Whereas if an 80's style slouch or baggy fit is desired, a bust measures 48" and you are a 38" bust than this garment will work for you provided the more finite measurements are suitable. In the case of this dress from The Wishing Wardrobe the hem of the shirt tapers and ties just below the hips. You will want to make sure the length of the top and the size of the hem will work for you. You must use your best judgement. 

If I still lived in Maine I would love to have this lovely wool dress from MySweetiePiePie! It would be perfect for layering over what I call "Slidey Pants" . Most of all, I love that it would grow / give me a little extra room when I needed it to after a long winter of hibernation! A knit item like this definitely has a bit more give and the amount of ease needed will be substantially less than in the bombshell number above.

I hope this has been helpful! Happy hunting!