Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the Radio

Ahh, iPod, you think you can make me forget about the good 'ol stand in radio? I think not! AM. FM. I don't care. Gimmie songs I have heard way too much, never, or not often enough. Also, gimmie commercials, Paul Harvey (RIP), news and it turns out this post is inspired by a local station giving away concert tickets.

I failed to get them while they were affordable so I am now faced with a weekend of wading through a sea of  classic rock hits waiting for two songs to be played back to back with the Ultimate Rock God Robert Plant on vocals. I have been a Led Zeppelin fan since I was barely a teenager. I have seen Mr. Plant on stage exactly once and I was out of my mind blown away by that charismatic & amazing performance at the tender age of 16.

Sigh, here I am all these years later wishing I had ponied up the $30 for a ticket 3 months ago because they are $160 now 3 days before the show, unless I win them.  I have put together a collection of items to get my "please oh please let me win two tickets to the Robert Plant and the Band of Joy show this Wednesday, pleeeeeeeeease let me be caller 9. Please!" juju. Enjoy!

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