Saturday, August 28, 2010

Edie Bouvier Beale Accessories Part 1

Having just watched Grey Gardens a couple times this week I am a little obsessed with scarves and pins and in a way that is new and also familiar. I love a good scarf and sometimes give them names. I had one that I wore waiting tables over a decade ago that I called the Money Scarf. Whenever I needed to make rent I would wrap it around my head and sure enough, every time, rent! There are ankle scarves and wrist scarves, napkin scarves and @!*@^$#$$* scarves that never stay where you want make you sweat like a fiend or are the wrong size or fabric but you can't seem to part with it because it's too pretty.

I love to see how other people wear their scarves. A revelation occurred while I was staying at a hotel in France.  Our hostess, who was also the Dessert cart girl and the person who checked us in, wore a big square scarf around her neck and was unapologetic about wearing the same scarf the next day with nearly the same outfit. There is no need to switch it up day to day.


    My french teacher in HS obsessed over scarves and tying them in all different ways. She was an expert. She also had a great story about her attic being haunted and having to constantly sweep these oversize hair pins up. Weird.


The best is a little silk scarf tied around your ankle. I like white or one with a small pattern. Kicks + ankle scarf  + sundress = Totally Cute!

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